Buying produce with Kudu

Kudu has information about produce for sale all over Uganda. We can help you to find the best prices, from amongst many sellers, in three steps.

Specify what produce you want to buy.

We need to know the specific variety you want, how much of it, and optionally the locations you're willing to travel to to get it.

We currently deal with the types of produce in the table below.

Tell us the maximum price you are willing to pay.

We will find you the produce for sale which is as cheap and close to you as possible. We try to match you with offers where the price is better than your maximum price, but the higher the price you give, the more likely you are to find a seller.

You can use price information from previous days to help choose a competitive bid.

As soon as we find a match, we send you the seller's details.

The seller we find for you is the one which best matches your requirements. If there are lots of matches we try to send you up to three at a time, so that you can choose the best. We also give the seller your phone number, so they may contact you directly.

In case you don't receive a match, it may be that the maximum bid price you offered was too low.

SMS interface

As well as using this site, you can find a seller with SMS. For example, sending BUY ROBUSTA 500 4400 to 8228 will place a bid for 500Kgs of Robusta coffee at 4400 UGX per Kg.

Price information can be obtained, for example by sending PRICE MATOOKE 7 to 8228 for the last week's average trading price of Matooke.

All SMS messages are free to send and receive.

Supported produce types

English Luganda Luo Units
Produce Name Luganda LuoUnits
Maize (Kasooli) (Lanyogi)Kgs
Beans (Nambale) (Nywagi)Kgs
Soya (Soya) (Soya)Kgs
Beans (Yellow) (Nywagi)Kgs
Rice (Mukyele-Kayiso) (Mucele-Kayiso)Kgs
Groundnuts (Binyebwa) (Pul)Kgs
Beans-Mixed (Bijanjalo) (Muranga)Kgs
Black-beans (Black-beans) (Oranga-Acol)Kgs
Sorghum (Muwemba) (Abir)Kgs
Simsim (Ntungo) (Nyim)Kgs
Dry-Cassava (muwogo-mukalu) (Mogo-Alutu)Kgs
Rice (Mukyele-Super) (Mucele-Super)Kgs
Coffee (Robusta) (Robusta)Kgs
CowPeas (Kaawo) (CowPeas)Kgs
Pigeon-Peas (Pigeon-Peas) (Apena)Kgs
Beans (Naads) (Nywagi)Kgs
Beans (kawula) (Nywagi)Kgs
Millet (Bulo) (Kal)Kgs
Beans (Kanyebwa) (Nywagi)Kgs
popcorn (naironi) (Nywagi-Omwoco)Kgs
coffee (Kibooko) (Mwony)Kgs
Coffee (Arabica) (Mwony-Arabica)Kgs
Rice (Mukyele) (Mucele)Kgs
Ginger (Ntangawuzi) (Ginger)Kgs
Potatoes (Lumonde) (Icok)Sacks
Beans (Sayitoti) (Nywagi)Kgs
Beans (kamenyamigo) (Oranga)Kgs
Cassava (Muwogo) (Gwana)Sacks
Beans (Bweru) (Nywagi)Kgs
Tomatoes (Nyanya) (Nyanya)Boxes
Vanilla (Vanilla) (Vanilla)Kgs
Coffee (Coronal) (Coronal)Kgs
Beans (Wayilimu) (Nywagi)Kgs
Fish (Mukene) (Rec-Wanyiri)Kgs
Coffee (Elite-Endokwa) (Mwony)Pcs
Water-Melon (Melon) (Melon)Pcs
Pumpkin (Nsujju) (Ukono)Pcs
Eucalyptus (Kalitunsi) (Kalatus)Pcs
Passion fruits (Butunda) (Matunda)Sacks
Cooking Bananas (Matooke) (Labole)Bunches
chicken (Nkooko) (Icok-Munu)Pcs
Cabagge (Mboga) (Cabagge)Sacks
Irish (Bumonde) (Layata-munu)Sacks
Pineapple-suckers (nanansi-endokwa) (Tyen-nanaci)Pcs
chicken (mpanga) (Gweno)Pcs
Chicken (Broiler) (Gweno-Munu)Pcs
Maize-Flour (Buwunga-Bwakasooli) (Wunga)Kgs
Goats (Mbuzi) (Dyel)Pcs
Beans (kakyungwa) (Oranka)Kgs
Hides & Skins (Amaliba) (Tung lee & Pyen)Kgs
Mushroom (Butiko) (Ubwol)Kgs
Moringa (Moringa) (Moringa)Sacks
pepper (green ) (green)Sacks
Sugar-Cane (Bikajjo) (Niang)Pcs
Pigs (Embizzi) (Puni)Pcs
Piglets (Embizzi-ento) (Otuni-Punu)Pcs
Ghee (Muzigo) (Moodyang)Kgs
Kasooli-Mubisi (Kasooli-Mubisi) (Nywagi-anumu)Pcs
Onions (Butungulu) (Atungulu)Sacks
Irish (Bumonde-Kisoro) (Layata-Kisoro)Sacks
Pineapple (Nanansi) (Ananaci)Pcs
Coffee (Coronal-Endokwa) (Mwony)Pcs
Beans (kankulye) (Nywagi)Kgs
Rice (Mukyele-Pakistan) (Mucele-Pakistan)Kgs
Cucumber (Cucumber) (Cucumber)Sacks
Eggplant (Entula) (Biri-Nyanya)Sacks
drinking-millet (bushera) (bushera)Kgs
Eggs (Majji) (Tong-Gweno)Trays
Okra (Okra) (Okra)Kgs
Jackfruit (Feene) (Feene)Pcs
Ovacado (Ovacado) (Ovacado)Sacks
Hot-Pepper (Kamulari) (Alyera-akec)Kgs
Mangoes (Miyembe) (Aeme)Sacks