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Welcome to Kudu! Buy and sell agricultural goods in Uganda with our easy-to-use auction system.

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Kudu Live Stats

Current number of traders: 11,799

Current top 5 products among buyers:

Produce Name Lug Species Luo SpeciesQuantity
Maize (Kasooli) (Lanyogi)287,403,861 Kgs
Beans (Nambale) (Nywagi)22,101,306 Kgs
Soya (Soya) (Soya)14,986,769 Kgs
Beans (Yellow) (Nywagi)4,794,684 Kgs
Simsim (Ntungo) (Nyim)3,407,580 Kgs

Current top 5 products among sellers:

Produce Name Lug Species Luo SpeciesQuantity
Maize (Kasooli) (Lanyogi)127,631,571 Kgs
Beans (Nambale) (Nywagi)6,673,934 Kgs
Soya (Soya) (Soya)7,262,065 Kgs
Beans (Yellow) (Nywagi)4,129,570 Kgs
Rice (Mukyele-Kayiso) (Mucele-Kayiso)2,139,764 Kgs

Kudu news

March 10, 2016: Kudu is now live on USSD interface *289*55#.
USSD presents a highly flexible interface for capturing user input in an easy to follow and intuitive workflow.

Kudu was on March 14, 2014 selected along with two other projects to benefit from the Resilient Africa Network (RAN) Resilience Innovations Acceleration Program. RAN organized an exhibition at the Makerere University main hall to identify promising innovations from partner universities and innovation hubs. More here ...

Our scientific paper on Kudu was accepted for publication in ACM-DEV, Nov 4, 2013.
A Mobile Market for Agricultural Trade in Uganda. R. Ssekibuule, J. Quinn, K. Leyton-Brown. ACM Symposium on Computing for Development (ACM-DEV), 2013.

The Myth of Scarcity in Ugandan Agricultural Market, Aug 10, 2013. Our wonderful article on Kudu published on Medium.com

60 Minutes with the Observer, May 02, 2013.
Shifa from the Observer visited us to learn more about Kudu. She wrote an article that covers a wide scope of our work ... (more)

The First Five Hundred, March 18, 2013.
By the middle of March we've reached 500 registered users. Our radio broadcasts in different locations across Uganda (including Luo broadcasts on the UBC Blue Channel) ... (more)

Why an Agricultural Auction Market?, March 11, 2013.
In Uganda there has been heavy investment in modernization of agriculture to increase farm productivity through various agricultural educational programs ... (more)

Owino Market Visits, February 23, 2013.
We recently visited Owino market (one of the largest markets in Uganda) to promote Kudu. The reception was great and we got several traders texting to buy agricultural produce. Enjoy the pictures! ... (more)

Kalerwe Market Visit, February 23, 2013.
We recently visited Kalerwe market in Kampala to assess the impact of Kudu on Trader activities. The raw video here is in Luganda ... (more)